SPF: Proposals for Scottish workplace parking tax ‘could endanger police’

Plans for a workplace parking tax in Scotland could risk police safety, The Scottish Police Federation (SPF) has warned.

The proposal, which aims to tax motorists for parking at work, does not include an exemption for police officers, although exemptions for hospitals, NHS premises, and disabled parking spaces have been outlined.

The Scottish Greens have pushed for the inclusion of the tax in the budget, contending that it would reduce transport emissions.

However, Calum Steele, SPF General Secretary, warned that Police Scotland is already struggling under the weight of a series of budget cuts, and further reductions in the money the force has to spend on policing "make it more likely police services will retrench even further and our communities will also be less safe as a consequence".

Scottish Greens transport spokesman John Finnie said he was surprised at the response from the SPF, noting “it suggests they haven’t read it”. He added that if any council did decide to use the power, they would be obliged to carry out thorough consultation.