Defence Secretary pledges to 'protect' armed forces from Scottish tax hike

Defence Secretary Gavin Williamson has said a review will be carried out to examine how service personnel hit by the changes to the income tax system in Scotland can be helped to bring their net incomes into line with those based elsewhere in the UK. This could include raising salaries to compensate.

Those earning more than £26,000 in Scotland face a higher tax bill than in other parts of Britain. Reflecting on the implications for military personnel, Mr Williamson said, "The SNP's tax hike unfairly hits 70% of our brave and loyal service personnel based in Scotland, leaving thousands of them out of pocket. This is wrong."

Changes to the income tax system pushed through in the recent Budget at Holyrood have created a five-band income tax system, with a 19p starter rate for lower earners and a 21p intermediate rate for those earning between £24,000 and £43,000. The higher rates have been increased to 41p and 46p respectively.