Voters support 1p tax rise for NHS

An opinion poll has found two-thirds of voters back the idea of raising income tax by 1p on the pound to ring-fence an increase in funding for the NHS and social care. The Opinium survey for the Observer found 65% of voters would back such a measure, with 77% of those polled saying the health service needs more money.

According to the poll, the NHS and health is in fact the most important issue for voters, named by 68% of respondents, with Brexit in second on 42%. The 77% saying they thought the NHS is underfunded compares with 66% who believe the police need more money and 59% who want more cash for schools.

The idea of adding 1p on all bands of income tax is not a new one, and was in the Liberal Democrat manifesto at last year's general election. The document claimed the NHS had been left "chronically underfunded" by the Conservatives, although the party had not pushed for such a tax while in coalition or advocated such a move in their 2015 manifesto.