Tory leader warns Sturgeon is 'coming for your paycheck'

The Scottish Conservative Leader Ruth Davidson has warned Scotland's First Minister Nicola Sturgeon's plans to raise income tax in Scotland means that for anyone earning less than £43,000, "she is coming for your pay cheque". Ms Davidson made her own position clear by saying she is opposed to any tax rises. 

Ms Davidson made the comments in First Minister's Questions, after Mrs Sturgeon had said she was considering changes to the tax base in order to meet spending commitments outlined in the Scottish government's new legislative programme. This will include ending the 1% cap on public sector pay. 

The first minister refused to rule out tax rises, stating that she wanted to hear what others had to say on the issue before ruling anything in or out. However, she emphasised that the priority is to "not simply transfer the burden of austerity on to the shoulders of those who can least afford it".